Quality and safety


For AGI, quality and safety go without saying

Meticulous and appropriate selection of raw materials

Ever since AGI was created we have chosen not to compromise, indeed we take scrupulous care to surround ourselves with exemplary suppliers of raw materials.

Rigorously inspected raw materials and finished products

We never start a formulation without having inspected the raw materials, nor do we ever deliver a finished product without also having carried out a release inspection. These two steps are carried out by internal and external laboratories, and guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

Production respectful of the standards and traceability

All the products and processes created in our laboratories respect the HACCP standards and benefit from immediate upstream and downstream traceability thanks, in particular, to our ERP management system. Furthermore, they are all suitable for Halal and Kosher foods.
Do not hesitate to ask us for our quality documents, they are at your disposal at all times.