AGI know-how:
an inexhaustible source of solutions

From the production of raw materials, such as cassia, to the development of made-to-measure products, in just a few years AGI has become a player that counts, an acknowledged leader in the world of hydrocolloid formulation.
We are organised in such a way we can provide you with quality technical support directly linked to your specific needs.
To achieve this, our technical expertise is backed up by a workforce committed to mastering our profession at every level:

Mastery of the raw materials: AGI strives to be the benchmark

Our team of engineers has all the technical knowledge that is vital for handling pure products and standard stabilisation systems.
Their sound experience in the area of processing these materials allows us to source the degree of quality suited to the precise type of functionality being sought.

Controlled synergies between hydrocolloids and the other ingredients

Because obtaining a specific gelling agent or a thickener depends on reliable knowledge of the interactions between hydrocolloids and other ingredients (proteins, etc.), we are always in a position to create appropriate formulations for stabilising a sauce, improving the texture of a frozen product, replacing expensive ingredients…

Effective tests for the total control of applications

Our ambition is to implement hydrocolloids perfectly suited to your requirements. To achieve this we take the greatest care to test our formulas and recipes in experimental laboratories directed by our partners, as well as by experts specialised in the areas of meat, milk, sauces, pet foods…